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Tips & Tricks! The Importance of Mise en Place

The Importance of Mise en Place

So I’m touching base on something today that you probably would benefit NOT sweeping under the kitchen island. Don’t be deterred by the french term and your need for reckless abandon. Just like any other project or experience, things go a lot more smoothly when you’re prepared. This is where we start the conversation about Mise en Place. 

This is one of the first things I learned about in Culinary School. Well, less learned, and more drilled into my brain.

“Did you prepare your Mise en Place?”- Yes, Chef

“Where is all your Mise en Place?” -On it, Chef

“Smaller knife cuts on your Mise en Place.” -Sorry, Chef.

Would you like some Mise en place with your MISE EN PLACE!?

Ok… sooooo…. “What is that?”you may ask. Well it’s very simple. Mise en Place ,  pronounced MEEZ ahn plahs, means you get all your ingredients prepared , prepped, and ready to go before you start on your cooking / baking adventure. With the literal translation for Mise En Place being “ to put in place,” it makes sense that this term is so widely used and lived by.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it. I’ve been in a time crunch and think to myself “I can totally butcher the Chicken while the garlic is sautéing…”. Well we all know how that usually turns out… burnt bitter garlic, a mangled bird, and blood pressure levels that are worthy of an Emergency Room visit.

We’ve all made the mistake, but let’s get serious. Trying to multitask and prepare your ingredients, while all ready in recipe full throttle, will not save you any time. Being properly prepared and organized is what will save you time.  With everything set out in front of you, you are better able to utilize :

1. Your space

2. Your time

And you also are less likely to make ingredient measurement mistakes when you aren’t rushed in between tasks.

Think of it like preparing a grilled cheese sandwich-

you get out your bread, butter, and cheese before you start grilling your sandwich-

now take it a step further with macaroni and cheese by measuring, grating, and prepping your ingredients before you begin cooking. It’s as simple as it sounds, but it will improve your cooking leaps and bounds. An organized cook is a happy one.


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I'm Nicole. Ceo, Pastry Chef, and Photographer for I'm a lover of sweets, art, and an avid puppy cuddler. I hope my recipes, kitchen tips, tricks, and culinary adventures inspire you to put your "Creativity to Plate!" You can read more about me and Confectionalism on the About Confectionalism link in the Menu bar to the far left of the site. Happy Cooking! Sincerely, Nicole

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24 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks! The Importance of Mise en Place”

  1. I usually measure and prepare the things before I start cooking, it’s so much easier to cook that way.But there are also days when I just multitask.

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  2. I usually get the ingredients as I go but it probably would be better to set them out before I get started. I am still working on getting organized. Thanks for sharing this with us. I will definitely use these tips!

  3. I am terribly unorganized in the kitchen. I don’t prepare anything ahead of time. I really should as it would eliminate so much stress when I cook.

  4. It’s true, it’s better to have the mise en place. But I tend to cook by ear too, sadly the results aren’t that fantastic. Trying to hurry up by jumping steps usually just makes you spend more time.

  5. I get all the tools like measuring cups and the ingredients ready. But, I don’t prep everything prior to recipe creation. If I am inspired by or adapting I study the recipe and go from there. I guess we all have our ways to make a kitchen run. My husband on the other hand will do all the prep work prior and he will use every dish in the house to line his ingredients up on the counter. My ADD OCD personality comes out and wonder why he has to create such a mess hahaha

  6. Very good advice. I always measure and get everything ready before I start cooking because it is much easier for me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I’m OCD so before cooking I need to gather and prepare all I’ll be using and everything that was used is washed even before food it’s done, it also helps to keep the kitchen clean

  8. Sometimes the organization and preparation of the ingredients are more challenging than the actual cooking itself. I also want things in the kitchen organized.

  9. Ooh…so it means be prepared! I got it, and I wish I was a better chefy type person but I am so basic and have no creative juices :)

  10. My wife is a graduate of Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island, and I couldn’t help but get a chuckle reading your article as she is cooking in the other room. I hear these terms from her all of the time and it’s just become a part of the family vernacular. lol…

  11. You are absolutely right!
    When i do measure and prepare stuff before i start cooking/baking, everything goes smooth, but unfortunately i’m lazy sometines and don’t want to prepare ahead..gotta fix this issue :-)

  12. That’s such a great concept. I hate scurrying around trying to find stuff in the middle of cooking. Sometimes I’m more organized than others. Thanks for the info!

  13. I’ve definitely started doing this lately, prepping all ingredients first before starting on the cooking/baking/whatever it is that I am doing in the Kitchen. Saves a lot of time and frustration!

  14. That is something to consider. I have never got all my ingredient prepared before working on it. I am a do first ask questions later. Which is not the best way. Will have to try your method. It’s good to the brain to do a routine differently, so this is going to be sooo beneficial to me! Thanks!!!

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