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If you’re interested in working with Confectionalism through recipe development, product reviews, advertising, and/or giveaways Please contact me via email  at . I would love to hear from your company to learn more about your product or service. I’m open to working with advertisers or companies that fit Confectionalism’s target market and quality standards. Collaboration can be arranged in exchange for payment in either cash or product as agreed upon by myself and the company. Each sponsored post and agreement will be handled on an individual basis, and will be either accepted or denied based on the product/service’s fit with Confectionalism’s theme and atmosphere.

Recipe Development – I really enjoy experimenting and working with different products to develop quality recipes for my viewers. I have a degree in the culinary arts with formal/professional training in recipe development. Contact me to discuss recipe development options and ideas for your product. If you and your company would like to collaborate on a recipe for Confectionalism, please email me at  with the subject line “Recipe Development for (Your Company Name)”.

Product Reviews - I am dedicated to offering new, innovative, and high quality product recommendations to my customers. I enjoy testing and reviewing new products. My goal is to offer honest and transparent reviews in an unbiased atmosphere.  If you and your company would like to collaborate on a product review for Confectionalism please email me at  with the subject line “Product Reviews for (Your Company Name)”. Here is an example of  my review work:

Giveaways – Giveaways are very popular among my readers and I’d be happy to discuss with you the options available for reviewing and giving away your product on Confectionalism. If you and your company feel your proposed product is a good fit with, and would like to collaborate on a giveaway, please email me at  with the subject line “Giveaway for (Your Company Name)”.

Freelance Writing - If you are interested in having me write an article  or develop a post to be published and distributed on your blog, website, or other publication,  please email me at  with the subject line “Freelance for (Your Company Name)”.

Food or Product Photography- I have professional training in photography along with my food production and styling education. If you or your company are interested in working with Confectionalism in development of new photography for your recipe or product, please email me at  with the subject line “Photography (Your Company Name)”.

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I’d be happy to send you our Media Kit with our most current statistics. Please email Confectionalism with your inquiry at: 

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