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Nicole C.E.O of

Greetings, I’m Nicole.

I’m the individual who’s creating what you are seeing now. However, my goal is for Confectionalism to be more than text on a page…

My culinary journey started when I took a leap of faith and plunged head first into Culinary school after deciding my adventure pursuing a degree in photography and Graphic Design wasn’t for me. I love being behind the lens, and spending time in the design world, but my need for perfection left me with long hours and hours, sleepless nights, and a feeling of “unsatisfied hunger”, pun intended.

After finishing a design project I would reward myself  by experimenting in the kitchen. I always remembered the time I spent cooking with my father, trying new recipes and how it really gave me a sense of peace I never found anywhere else. One day I realized that this was truly where I should be focusing my energy, the Kitchen. From there on it was all whisks, sugar, knife cuts, and religiously reading cookbooks. This is where Confectionalism began in May of 2014.
I want to connect with my readers, share what I’ve learned, and all my joyful culinary experiences in hopes that it inspires or motivates others to do the same.  All doing so, while showing home bakers and cooks how to get beautiful results in their kitchens.

So you all get an idea of who you’re getting any of this info from, and so I’m not a complete stranger, here’s a little more about myself:

I attended culinary school for baking and pastry arts. I also have an art background and have always found comfort in creativity. To me, Culinary art is the holy grail of art forms. It does something no other medium can: It appeals to every human sense.

I reside in Indianapolis, Indiana, with my two lovely fur children Squashy and Rocko, and my significant other Aaron. Aaron is my rock, my best friend, and always keeps me laughing. My fur children are just that, my four legged children.

I love sweets, sweets, and more sweets, and I never want to know what my cholesterol levels are, with all this butter I’m constantly around.

With that all said, I won’t bore you with more random tidbits and stories of my adolescence as I’m sure I’ll share plenty of stories through my tips and recipe additions. Really, I just hope this blog inspires and excites you to start “Putting Creativity to Plate”, the Moto by which Confectionalism was founded on.

If you’re looking to find out more about sponsorship, recipe development and/or working with visit the Work with Confectionalism page .

Rocko, Nicole's fur baby

Rocko- He doesn’t listen, loves to cause trouble, but I wouldn’t change the little bowling ball for the world. He’s English Bull Terrier perfection.

Squashy, Nicole's fur baby

Squashy- The sweetest, licking obsessed princess that makes my world go round’. I don’t know what I’d do without my Squashy girl!