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The Most Adorbs Two-Story Camera Cafe Ever!  Dreamy Camera Cafe! 

The wonderful family in front of the Awe-inspiring Dreamy Camera Cafe!
I have to say that I squealed with excitement when I stumbled on this little gem!  , a two story camera that you can sip down coffee in! I’ll just remain envious and jealous here in Indiana as this awesome spot is located in YangPyung, South Korea. Yeah, I’m definitely pouting!

Park Sung-hwan and his wife, Kwak Myung-hee began accomplishing their dream when they began construction of the cafe in 2012. They opened last year and have had a flood of well deserved viral popularity. That’s just part of their wonderful story. 

Two Stories and 30 feet high, Dreamy Camera Cafe

Park Sung-hwan pursued his life long dream of becoming a military pilot in 2000 and ultimately became an army aviation helicopter pilot. He began exploring his interest in photography 12 years ago, and that is what developed into the camera collection displayed throughout the cafe.  His wife retired in 2012, as an army aviation pilot, and is the main cafe manager, during the week while Park Sung-hwan is at work. On the weekends they both run the cafe and enjoy the company of their patrons and their stories. They describe it as, “A Place for Dreamers”.

There are polaroid photographs lining the walls though out the cafe, with handwritten captions and notes, Displaying the lives of the dreamers that Park Sung-hwan and Kwak Myung-hee built a place for. Thank You! Us dreamers appreciate what your beautiful family set out to do, and you accomplished an amazing dream. Yourselves, setting an example for all of us to keep on dreaming.

And, I’m still sad it’s so far away…. A trip to South Korea, anyone?!

*All photos property and courtesy of Dreamy Camera Cafe’s and their Facebook page.

Dreamy Camera Cafe korea cute giant

Delicious treats served at Dreamy Camera Cafe

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