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The Backwards Strawberry? Meet the Pineberry!

Photo courtesy of Nourse Farms –

An albino Strawberry?! A strawberry gone inside out?! What is this Seuss-like fruit and real-life or hoax?

Apparently it’s a very real thing. It’s called a Pineberry!  It looks like a white strawberry with red seeds, and apparently it tastes like a pineapple. However, these berries are no relative to the pineapple. 

They are a crossbreed between the Fragaris chiloensis of South America and the Fragaria virginian of North America. They are in season for approximately five weeks, starting at the beginning of April.  They are smaller than your ravager strawberry, ranging from the size of a nickel to the tiny size of a dime. They seem to have limited availability in the United States, but with growing popularity this could change

I’ll have to get my hands on these babies. I’m thinking a Pineberry Pie Recipe needs to happen at some point in the future! 

For planting purposes they can be purchased from Nourse Farms. 

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