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Why I Love My Salt Box

Why I love my salt box

There are many gadgets in my kitchen, of all uses, types, colors, shapes and quality. One of the most abundantly used items in my little kitchen, is most definitely my salt box. I love the little guy and it will forever remain easily accessible and ready for a cooking challenge.
This is the exact salt box I use:

I don’t like salt grinders, nor do I like shakers. I really love how easily scoop-able, pinch-able, and visible the seasoning is when it’s stored in this gorgeous box. I am definitely a chemist when I’m baking- measuring, and scaling everything. So the salt box is great, having a large opening making easy use of your measuring spoons.

When I’m cooking however, I let my inner abstract artist come out and love to put away the measuring spoons / cups and just REALLY COOK.

I think it’s important to get your hands in there, taste, adjust, taste and adjust. Being able to reach in my salt box and see, as well as feel, how much salt i’m adding is much better than assuming with a grinder or shaker. I find myself trying to look at the shaker from the side in an attempt to eyeball how much is coming out of that silly thing. Don’t get me wrong, salt shakers are great for the dinner table, but I find them frustrating in the kitchen.


Salt is a corrosive mineral, making it great for scrubbing pots and pans with lemon, so you can imagine why it isn’t the best staple to leave in plastic containers for long periods of time. The plastic containers your salt comes in will tend to sweat in warmer weather, leading to moisture finding it’s way into your salt, causing corrosion, and ultimately contaminating your seasoning with plastic’s chemicals. No good.

A wooden container is a much more effective vessel for all your various salts. They are an eco friendly container, and also allow the salt to breathe, enhancing the salts flavor and keeping it’s quality.

I know, I know. “Nicole, It’s just salt!”

Well that’s why I suggest a saltbox, so your salt is just that… SALT. Not salt leached with plastic chemicals and off flavors. I want my salt to be the best it can be, and my salt box allows for just that.

My bamboo salt box- click the image to access it on for an affordable $8.99

My particular salt box is made from bamboo, and has a magnetic top that swings open and closed very easily. It can be opened with one hand, and the salt very easily accessed with the other.

They come in many different finishes and colors to help match your kitchen decor. There are also multi-tiered salt boxes available for storing multiple salts. If you haven’t used one before, trust me that you’ll really enjoy how great they are. It would make a great gift too. You could consider getting one monogrammed for the recipient, as a personal touch. I’d be super excited to come home to my salt box monogrammed…. cough* cough* hint* hint* (to any friends or family reading)…hehe

Salt Box from amazon


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2 thoughts on “Why I Love My Salt Box”

  1. I love this salt box! I can think of a lot uses for these. I want some! lol
    How do I sign up for your email? I don’t want to miss the videos you’re going to make for the pie crust. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Jody! You can subscribe to Confectionalism’s in the right sidebar to the far right of every post. I hope to get the pie crust videos published this month.

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