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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Grand Opening and Giveaway

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Gift Card Giveaway

Using quality ingredients is so important when developing or creating a dish. Whether it be Breads or cocktails, savory or sweet, you should never underestimate the power of using quality ingredients. You wouldn’t paint the walls of your home with a low quality paint and expect amazing results, so you should hold your recipes and cooking/baking to the same standards. Like any art, culinary arts can sometimes only be as good as the medium you choose, i.e. food.

(Disclosure: This  is a sponsored  I received compensation in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own and unbiased. Confectionalism believes in being completely transparent for my valued readers. I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Please check out our disclosure info for more details.)

Finding quality ingredients isn’t always a simple task, especially with some chain supermarkets having a tendency sacrifice quality for profits. Farmers markets are a great option to locate the quality medium your looking for when expressing your creativity in the kitchen. However, most farmers markets are only available at limited days and times, leaving you rushing on Saturday morning to grab up some of the goods before other patrons get all the best tomatoes ore local sweet corn. Let’s face it, some of us rather sleep in on Saturday morning, myself definitely included.

With Indy’s growing population and expansion other options are becoming readily available for ingredient sourcing. Lucky for us, Fresh Thyme is now opening two new locations in the Indianapolis area. I was present for the Greenwood location Grand Opening, and I was extremely impressed. Not only by the huge ingredient selection (including organic and gluten free products) but also be the cleanliness, friendliness, and employee knowledge. Any question I had was readily answered and everything I could possibly want or need, they seemed to carry.

The two new locations are going to be centrally located on East 82nd St. and West 86th St. and open their doors this Thursday, Sept. 25th 2014. They are also wonderfully offering a free bag of groceries to the first 250 shoppers valued at $50, which is a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Grand Opening Indianapolis
At Fresh Thyme Farmers Market they believe you shouldn’t have to give away the farm to feed your body nutritious food. They are on a mission to improve the way our communities eat by offering fresh and healthy food at amazing values -all in a vibrant and fun shopping environment, with smiling friendly faces.

As an added bonus I’ve paired up with Fresh Thyme to give away one $25 gift card to a lucky reader. You can find the raffle below where it will be available for entry from Sept. 23rd until Oct. 6th. I’m happy to be offering the gift card, as a great way to provide the ingredients you’ll need for your next culinary adventure. A big thanks to Fresh Thyme for opening more of it’s doors in Indianapolis, and also for providing me with a gift card to raffle off to my wonderful viewers, such as yourself.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Indianapolis Grand Opening


I can’t wait to get up bright and early on Thursday morning to pick up some fun new ingredients for my next recipe curation on Confectionalism. I hope to see some of you there. .

(This Raffle is Closed- the Winner is Dr. Pamela Reilly. Congratulations Pamela!)

Read about my experience at the 82nd st. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

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