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Foodie Films Friday #1

Toast - Foodie Films Friday on

When I was attaining my education in Graphic design and photography I took a course in Film appreciation. I’ve always enjoyed a well composed and creative movie, like us all. When taking this course I was introduced to all these little nuances and intricacies in films that I had previously overlooked. Ultimately I gained a deeper appreciation for cinema and i’m excited to start this new blog series here at Confectionalism.

This week will include the first edition of Friday Foodie Films! I have compiled a list of wonderful movies for all you foodies out there. I love a great food film, drama, comedy, documentary or otherwise. It really gets me inspired and that much more excited to be in the kitchen. We all have our favorite films and I wanted to share with you my favorite food films. Maybe I’ll introduce you to something new or spectacular and that is one of my goals here, on Confectionalism.  Helping you to be inspired and creative in your kitchen.

Get a bowl of popcorn and relax in front of the television for a foodie flick on a wonderful Friday evening. I’m excited for this Friday series, and I’ll be searching for new films to add to the list every week. What is your favorite foodie flick?

The feature for this Foodie Films Friday is  –
(2010)  which is a film based off of  “ ,” a memoir by Mr. Slater, a popular British food writer and television personality.

IMDB describes the film as “The ultimate nostalgia trip through everything edible in 1960’s Britain.”

I couldn’t agree with the description more. Nostalgic is exactly what I found this film to be. The nine year old lead character int his film , played by Oscar Kennedy, experiences the tragic loss of his mother and finds his food experiences to be a lasting and cherished memory for the boy. Even being that  his mother was a horrible cook, Toast normally her culinary feature on the family’s dinner menu, he found comfort in the culinary arts. Older Nigel, played by Freddie Highmore, finds himself in a culinary battle with his stepmother (Helena Bonham Carter) , ultimately fighting for his fathers affections and the memory of his mother.

I really enjoyed the story, characters, and setting of this film. I found Toast to be comfort food for the heart.

See you next Friday for another Foodie Films Friday feature.

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