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Doctor Who Cake Creation

Doctor Who Cake Decorating Project


Confectionalism hasn’t had any new recipes this week, but I have good reason. I had a super fun project this week that’s kept me busy. I was approached to create a Birthday cake for someone’s very special 18th Birthday. I sketched a few ideas up, and ultimately it was decided I would create a Doctor Who cake for the fan’s Birthday celebration. I had so much fun with this.

I did a recreation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night featuring a Tardis on the first tier. I then airbrushed a space scape on the top tier, and feathered the brush strokes up the second tier to help add some cohesiveness. While this was time consuming, I really enjoyed it. I haven’t painted in a very long time and It reminded me that I need to pick up a brush more often. It’s very relaxing. However, I wonder how long I will be fashioning these blue fingers and fingernails….

The first tier was a double chocolate  cake with Dulce de Leche filling, the second was my very loved Cherry Chip Cake, and the third a butter vanilla cake. I topped it all off with an edible Doctor Who bow tie, crafted from gum paste. Satin Ice… you’ve been so good to me.

I also see that Tonight is the Season Premier so I suppose the creation of this cake couldn’t have come at a better time.

Doctor Who Birthday Cake Project Confectionalism.comDoctor Who Birthday Cake Project Season Premier Doctor Who Fondant Birthday Cake

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5 thoughts on “Doctor Who Cake Creation”

  1. I am genetically predisposed to love anything Doctor Who anyway, but this cake is AMAZING! (and yes, the capital letter indicate I am shouting!) I’ve just shown it to my 18 year old son who said “yeh, that’s pretty cool!” High praise indeed!

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